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VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: Ruben Amaro On The Hot Seat For 2012 Season? Ridiculous

Just a thought: If you’re going to bang up on Ruben for “blowing it” this off-season, you’ve got to show me how he (a) should’ve known and (b) could’ve done better. Think you’ll be hard-pressed to find gaffes that were both apparent at the times he made the decisions AND had clear-cut alternatives. Advertisements

VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: A For Amaro! Ruben (Finally!) Holds Phillies Accountable!!!

Just a thought: I’ve been waiting for this, the moment when Ruben Amaro finally puts a stop to all the enabling, all the outsourcing of accountability, all the wiping of the Phillies noses — all by virtue of constantly wheeling and dealing at the trade deadline to bail them out. Need proof? Try the convergence … Continue reading

What About Cole Hamels To The Astros, In Exchange For Houston’s Haul For Hunter Pence?

Ruben says he’s not. Sources say he is. We say he should be. Truth and opinion aside: To mull over any potential Cole Hamels deal, we’ve first got to look at the potential haul.. The Phillies have (again, assuming you think the flavor of Listerine Amaro’s got in his bathroom is “Deceit”) set an asking … Continue reading

Report: Ruben Amaro To Rival GMs: “We Could Be Selling Soon”

The scoopage, per Danny Knobler’s (CBS) write-up Monday that quotes one rival club official, who apparently had just gotten off the phone with a high-ranking Phillies official: “They told me, ‘If we lose any more games, we could be selling soon.” Which is pretty consistent not only with what Amaro floated to Jim Salisbury of … Continue reading

Ruben Amaro: We’re Not Shopping Cole Hamels (Even Though He Should Be)

Ruben Amaro brushed off any Cole Hamels trade talk with a broom of ceramic bristles Monday. Said Amaro, when asked about a Jon Heyman over-the-weekend report: “These aren’t things we discuss or talk about in front of other people. But our goals are always the same. Our goal is to try to continue to contend … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: I (Still) Believe In Ruben Amaro

Just a thought: Look, Ruben Amaro has his flaws. He’s impulsive (gaudy deals for Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon, and wrong-message-sending acquisitions in Lee (the first time) and Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence), maybe short-sighted. Did trade Wilson Valdez, after all. But man, can this guy swing a deal. … Continue reading

AUDIO: Roy Halladay, Jonathan Papelbon Talking Like Leaders (Too Little Too Late?)

No, this wasn’t the best weekend for the Phillies. Their 5-2 loss to the Marlins Sunday capped their fourth series sweep of the season. (Mets, Dodgers, Blue Jays.) They dipped to nine games below .500, the farthest they’ve fallen since 2006. Their 81-game start in 2012? Their worst since 1997. Reports have them, for the … Continue reading

VIDEO: MORNING STOVE: National Media Breaking Glass On Phillies Postseason Hopes

VIDEO (SkiingGMav): Comic Relief: Little tenderness between Carlos Ruiz and Joe Blanton. If only that’d come before Giancarlo Stanton’s bomb in an eventual 5-2 loss to Marlins, to cap the series sweep and send the Phillies officially reeling. AUDIO (ESPN): In clowing on the weekend’s top slop series, John Kruk concedes that fifth place in the NL East is exactly where the Phillies deserve … Continue reading

AUDIO: “You’ll Get A Premium For (Pitching In Trade Market Right Now),” Which Is Kind Of A Bummer For Phillies

Charlie Manuel fumed as much as anybody after last night’s 11-7 loss to Pittsburgh. Cheery for Chase Utley mashing in his debut, jeery for his seeming lack of options that forced him into using every pitcher in his bullpen except for Jonathan Papelbon in lieu of an available starter. (When there was actually a totally … Continue reading

Buster Olney: Phillies Have Not Yet Put Cole Hamels, Shane Victorino On Market

At least per his sources. Writes Olney Tuesday: ” … (C)lubs are monitoring the Milwaukee Brewers and Philadelphia Phillies to see if they’re going to become sellers in the next few weeks. … To this point, by the way, the Phillies have not put Cole Hamels or Shane Victorino on the market, sources say.” And why would they? Ruben Amaro has reportedly told Jim … Continue reading