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VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: Ruben Amaro On The Hot Seat For 2012 Season? Ridiculous

Just a thought: If you’re going to bang up on Ruben for “blowing it” this off-season, you’ve got to show me how he (a) should’ve known and (b) could’ve done better. Think you’ll be hard-pressed to find gaffes that were both apparent at the times he made the decisions AND had clear-cut alternatives. Advertisements

VIDEO: THURSDAY ROUNDUP: Cliff Lee Wins, Zach Parise And Ryan Suter Go Wild, Jeffrie Lurie Goes Frank McCourt

VIDEO (Calkins Media): Cliff Lee, winner. VIDEO (ESPN): Zach Parise, wild. AUDIO (CSN Philly): Phillies 2012 milestones in yesterday’s 9-2 win over the Mets: Cliff Lee’s first win, the Phillies fifth when trailing after six innings. (Entered 0-5 and 4-31, respectively.) Psychological importance there couldn’t be overstated, on either. But they could be understated, apparently. Even both. Nice save, Chase Utley, … Continue reading

VIDEO: MORNING STOVE: National Media Breaking Glass On Phillies Postseason Hopes

VIDEO (SkiingGMav): Comic Relief: Little tenderness between Carlos Ruiz and Joe Blanton. If only that’d come before Giancarlo Stanton’s bomb in an eventual 5-2 loss to Marlins, to cap the series sweep and send the Phillies officially reeling. AUDIO (ESPN): In clowing on the weekend’s top slop series, John Kruk concedes that fifth place in the NL East is exactly where the Phillies deserve … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: ALREADY Charlie Manuel Hints Openness To Overuse Chase Utley

Just a thought: Anybody else hear this drop during Manuel’s press conference? The one where he’s asked whether he considered pinch-hitting Chase Utley in the bottom of the eighth inning with runners on, even though Charlie’s already vowed to limit his use to a 2 days on, 1 day off regimen, yesterday being his second-straight … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: Chase Utley Debut Has Implications For Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay Too

Just a thought: Don’t forget about Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay in this discussion on the implications of Chase Utley’s marvelous debut. Remember: These are not balanced people. Not Utley, not Howard, not Halladay — not the organization, who’s mismanagement and now-loading gleans some pretty serious self-control issues. Not only does Chase Utley soaring from … Continue reading

AUDIO: MORNING STOVE: Full Phillie Slate: Chase Utley Lives, Charlie Manuel Misses, Ryan Howard Kids

AUDIO (ESPN): No, no, Philly fans — your’e not the one who thought Chase Utley played like he had something to prove in his 2012 debut Wednesday, an 11-7 loss to the Pirates. And Chahhhlie Manuel said he thought it got the whole team revved up. Well, almost the whole team.  AUDIO (CSN Philly): No shocker here: Individual heroics or … Continue reading

VIDEO: Don’t Wait To Tell Your Grand Kids About Chase Utley 2012 Debut, Indulge Sooner

Last night wasn’t the type of moment you tell your kids about. Or your grand kids. Or anybody’s kids. Or anybody who’d even be remotely interested in, without question, one of the greatest singular moments in Phillies lore. Chase Utley. Debuting in Game 77 of the Phillies “How The Hell Did We Get Here?!?” 2012 … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: Freddy Galvis Injury Robs Chase Utley Comeback Of Awesome Storylines

Just a thought: I hear you on all the excitement and anticipation and attention on Chase Utley and his comeback. But anybody else really bummed out that Freddy Galvis back buckled? That he failed a PED test? That he’ll be out at least 50 games? Maybe for the rest of the season? That, even if … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: Unintended Consequences Of Chase Utley’s Comeback? Pass For Ruben Amaro

Just a thought: Does a best-case scenario for the Phillies riding Chase Utley’s comeback really prove all that great for the longview of the organization? Couldn’t you argue (as I do here) that it enables Amaro to continue making the mistakes that put the Phils in the straits they are now? (Yes. “Are.” “Now.”)

AUDIO: Chase Utley Drops Quote Books Are Written About, Acknowledges Doubters, Says “I Haven’t Given Up”

We told you all of 32 seconds ago that Chase Utley is on his way back. Like, for realsies this time. Everybody wanted to talk about it, so the media made Utley talk about it Monday. Now, we’re talking about it. Dumb question, you ask yourself (not so dumbly), does any of this matter? Maybe not. … Continue reading