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VIDEO: Thoughts In Passing Podcast: Don’t Go Crazy Coveting Danny Ferry — Not Yet

Just a thought:

Terming yesterday (trades to the Nets and Jazz to unload Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams for a ton of expiring contracts, upwards of $40 million in cap space, the championship focus Josh Smith longs for, and the aligning of stars that might land Dwight Howard AND Chris Paul (2013 free agent) in the ATL) as something Danny Ferry pieced together is something of a misnomer. Really, he took the team apart.

Granted, that might’ve set the table for him to change his rep, from the guy who couldn’t surround LeBron with a championship-caliber roster to the guy who turned a mess into carte blanche and then into something even better and fuller and richer than it was with Bron Bron.

But he’s not there yet. Still has a ways to go.

Until he gets there, to that promised land of All-Star Trios and prospects of NBA Finals lore, I’m not going to get all green with envy that he’s not with the 76ers. Maybe eventually. Just not yet.


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